Our Mission

Our team of experts has one overarching objective: to help you grow your business – period. We accomplish this by streamlining the finance and accounting in your company, which frees owners and managers to dedicate their creative energy on growth. Since 2001, The McKelvey Group (TMG) has partnered with companies across industries and in all sizes to achieve this objective. Our TMG difference includes:

A Team Approach
Institutional knowledge doesn’t reside with an individual, it resides with a group. For example, if an individual goes on leave, there is another TMG resource, already fully trained, who will step in seamlessly.

Scalable Support
Whether you need project, short-term, or long-term support, TMG can adjust the resource profile as needed. You are never locked in.

A Department Structure
You don’t have to decide if you need an accountant or a CFO, a Pricing Analyst or a Subject Matter Expert. TMG can be your outsourced finance department. All levels are available when you need them.

Extensive Experience
Our team of consultants have deep experience in commercial and Government finance and accounting. The only thing we learn on the job is about your business. Everything else we bring to the table for you. You’re hiring experts, and that’s what you get.

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