The Advanced Cost/Price Proposal Strategies Seminar will provide the direct links between cost accounting structure, proposal strategy, and proposal pricing. Learn proposal development techniques and strategies that improve your ability to price to win Government proposals.

If you have the basics of preparing cost/price proposals under your belt and you are ready to develop the skills most cost/price proposal writers develop only through years of hands-on experience, TMG’s Advanced Cost/Price Proposal Strategies Seminar takes you to the next level.

This seminar focuses on providing hands-on experience with those activities designed to improve overall win probability, many of which are completed well before the RFP arrives. The objectives of this seminar, from a Cost/Price perspective, include the following:

  • Help develop your price-to-win strategy
  • Ensure that your cost accounting structure creates a framework for your cost proposal that is both compliant and responsive
  • Create synergy and teamwork between the functional elements of pricing and accounting
  • Survive the pre-award proposal audit

This workshop will give you tools and techniques that dramatically improve price proposal quality, integrate the cost/price volume with other volumes, improve overall win probability, and ensure cost management and control during contract performance.

Why Should You Attend?

Capture Managers, Business Development Managers, and those involved with B&P activity in an organization are those whose primary responsibility is marketing products or services to the federal government. These individuals are responsible for developing win themes and discriminators and integrating them into a well-crafted proposal that increases overall win probability. As an integral part of this overall effort, the pricing function must support the marketing function and work with these individuals to determine overall pricing strategy. Sr. level pricing experts within an organization must also weigh in on the bid/no bid decision and often times must educate other organizational elements as to why particular strategies may or may not be appropriate in any given circumstance. Protecting the organization from audit or performance risk begins with those assigned the responsibility of pricing proposals. If this is your role in your organization, then this seminar is for you.

Seminar Description

This seminar introduces participants to the critical relationship between cost accounting structure and proposal pricing strategy. It begins with an overview the Cost Accounting Standards, critical Federal Acquisition Regulation concepts, and the DCAA definition of Adequate Accounting Systems for performing federal contracts. With this understanding, participants are able to understand the criticality of integrating cost accounting methodologies with proposal pricing strategies and techniques.

Federal regulations require that contractors maintain consistency between estimating, accumulating, and reporting costs on federal contracts. Further, contractor accounting systems must be deemed adequate by cognizant audit agencies. Therefore, estimating and pricing contract proposals requires that offerors develop costs based upon current accounting practices and cost accounting structure. The workshop gives you insight into cost accounting and pricing strategy best practices that, when coupled with a management proposal and outstanding relevant experience and past performance, will increase overall win probability and help ensure compliance with cost management and control objectives during contract performance.

* Course participants can earn up to 8 CPE credits in Accounting (Govt.), Auditing (Govt.), Business Mgt. and Org., Finance, Management Adv. Services, Specialized Knowledge and Apps fields of study for the ACPP Workshop.

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Who Should Attend
This workshop is tailored to the needs of senior executives, pricing analysts, proposal managers, proposal support staff, accounting department personnel, others in your organization who regularly participate in developing price proposal strategy and/or execution, as well as those responsible for proposal audits and cost accounting structure. 

Prerequisites:  Fundamental knowledge and experience with the basics of preparing cost/price proposals

Advanced Preparation: None

Program Level: Advanced

Delivery Method: Group-Live