Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Audits are a fact of life for Federal Government contractors. Being prepared in advance of an audit greatly increases the likelihood of a successful audit outcome. This workshop will guide participants through multiple DCAA audits – including pre-award, accounting system, purchasing system, and estimating system.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Prepare your company in advance for an audit
  • Respond to DCAA requests for information
  • Support an audit in process
  • Address post-audit actions

All Federal Contractors eventually must endure and pass a DCAA audit. Federal RFPs increasingly request/ require a company’s DCAA Audit status, especially for accounting and purchasing systems. No company wants to miss an opportunity to respond to an RFP because they have not passed an audit. And without proper preparation and processes in place, an audit can be disruptive and difficult. This workshop will provide a detailed overview of the entire process, from pre-audit preparation through post-audit initiatives.

Why Should You Attend?

Creating the systems for your company which will pass DCAA scrutiny requires a full appreciation of the entire audit process. This workshop will provide not only the basic steps required, but also anecdotal examples to help you to be prepared for what to expect.

* Conference participants can earn up to 8 CPE credits in Accounting (Govt.), Auditing (Govt.), Business Mgt. and Org., Finance, Management Adv. Services, Specialized Knowledge and Apps fields of study for the DCAA Audit Workshop.

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Who Should Attend
For pricing and accounting professionals, this workshop will provide the step by step actions you can take to dramatically improve the likelihood of passing a DCAA audit. For senior management this workshop can provide insight into what DCAA is looking for, and why it is critical for the bid and proposal process of your organization.  For CPAs working in a training capacity, this workshop will reinforce critical accounting skills pertinent to helping clients with government aspects of accounting processes.

Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge and experience with the basics of preparing cost/price proposals 

Advanced Preparation: See Who Should Attend above

Program Level: Advanced

Delivery Method: Group-Live