• A Government Contractor needed to determine the fair market value of their business in order to establish the exercise price of their stock options granted to employees.
  • A formal business appraisal by a qualified appraiser was necessary to ensure proper administration of the stock options.
  • TMG, alongside partner company Houlihan Valuation Appraisers (HVA), pursued valuation methods under the asset, market and income approaches.
  • The valuation process included the analysis of financial statements, forecasting, interviews with management, analysis of overall economic conditions and the industry in which the Government Contractor operates, and the utilization of multiple data sources for determining comparable factors from similar sized companies.
  • TMG and HVA completed a formal valuation report which stated their opinion of the fair market value of the Government Contractor.
  • The Government Contractor has engaged TMG/HVA to conduct an appraisal each year since 2011.
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I have relied on TMG’s knowledge for over 15 years. You can’t put a price on the experience, knowledge, good judgment and forward thinking that TMG brings to the table.
~ CFO of a Government Contractor